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We've been very fortunate to have partnered up with a variety of organizations, session players, bands and solo acts over the years, for releases, demos and personal recordings. Here's just a few of them.
Various Artists
Keep Me Warm This Christmas Vol. 1 (CD album)
Dec 15th, 2007
A fundraising album for this very special charity in Tweed - raising funds, awareness & winter clothing for those in need.
CAT #: CMCD025
1 SH Connor P.S. Choir - Frosty the Snowman 2:07
2 Gary & Les - Silent Night 3:32
3 The Sounds of Tyme - Blue Christmas 3:21
4 The Tweed Twangers - Christmas Eve 1:55
5 The Young Family Band - Christmas Auld Lang Syne 3:10
6 St. Carthagh's Choir - Rudolph 1:32
7 Gary & Les - Silver Bells 2:21
8 The Sounds of Tyme - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer 3:14
9 The Tweed Twangers - He'll Be Comin' From the North Pole When He Comes 2:31
10 The Young Family Band - Christmas Times a Comin' 1:58
11 Ralph Dafoe with The Young Family Band - Twisting With Santa Clause 2:24
12 Tweed Sr. P.S. Choir - Jingle Bells 1:21
13 All Artists - Merry Christmas Everybody! [hidden track] 0:10
Chancellor Music, record label
Various Artists
Gloria in Excelsis Deo: Christ the Saviour Is Born (CD album)
Oct 11, 2006
A Christmas album by Sacred Heart of Mary Church & Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Choirs.
CAT #: CMCD024
Louis L. Di Rocco, Colleen MacAlister, Nicola Wand, Diane Smith, Loreen Murphy, Brianna Leeson, Jef Leeson and Lori McNally.
Chancellor Music, record label
Various Artists
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship (3 Cassette Sets)
1991 & 1992
The 1st & 2nd tape sets by the reknowned fiddling competition.
CAT #s: CM 002 & CM 003
(In order of appearance)
Dan Schryer, Terry Vaillencourt, Rodney Krip, Tara Tousenard, Leo Ready, Keith Hill, Raymond Legere, Danette Eddy, Anthony Rissesco, Bruce Blair, Richard Wood, Suzanue Morin, Garry Hill, Keith Ross, Harold Wright, Patti Kusturok, Matilda Murdoch, Robert Vallee, Claude Jacobs, Dean Bernier, Shauna Hewitt, Conrad Pelletier, Karen Reid, Chuck Joyce, Frank Cockney, Colin Adjun, Calvin Vollrath, Robert Dagenais, Louis Schryer, Crystal Plohman, Pierre Schryer, Roma MacMillan, Art Jamieson & The Schryer Triplets.
Chancellor Music, record label
Chancellor Music, record label
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Chancellor Music, record label
Chancellor Music, record label
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